small garden wall pocket with flowers

Made from donated materials, and locally designed and crafted, these wall pockets are ideal for small spaces.  You can use these at an apartment, a school, or a senior living facility.  Hang them on a chain link or wooden fence.  The three-section wall pocket wall pocket is 17” x 10” and will hold smaller ornamentals and herbs.  The two-section wall pocket is 27” x 17” and will hold larger ornamentals and vegetables, including vines, such as cucumbers.  They are made of burlap and lined with landscape fabric.  They have three steel grommets that are reinforced on the back with landscape fabric.  Use nails, hooks, screws, or ties to attached them to masonry, wooden, or chain link fences.  Each wall pocket is $19.95.  Proceeds go to Cereus Solutions Sustainability Center.  For more information or purchase, just use our contact page.


Vertical Garden Wal with Pocket Plantersl

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