We believe that there is a farmer or gardener in everyone, even the urban dweller.  With just a little information and help, everyone can have a backyard garden.  These gardens teach us about botany, life cycles, stewardship, health, and the environment.  They provide fresh produce and outdoor activity.  They are also places of healing and sanctuary where people can contemplate and reflect as they tend the earth.  Gardening is also a source of community networking and brings people together to care for the common area in which they live.  This networking provides an exchange of ideas, seeds and plants, and recipes, as well as a concourse for mutual concerns about health, food supply, and the environment.

We have made available a basic design for raised beds here on our site.  Using our limited resources we have built those beds and raised a successful garden last year.  We will be putting in another garden this year.  It is our goal to supply willing urban dwellers with beds using our assistance.  We estimate that it costs $600 to install a bed using non-treated cedar and filled with the appropriate soil.  This bed will last 10 years or more and will provide 10 times the initial cost in fresh produce.  Fortunately, we have most of the tools that we need to construct these beds and our volunteers are ready to help with the labor, but we must pay for supplies.  With your help, we can give beds and fresh product to supplement diet for years to come.

To donate a raised garden bed, please click on the donate button in the upper right are of this page and fill in the amount of $600 (or any amount).



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