Praise for Lavender

I make candles, scrubs, aromatherapy oils and massage oils from pure essential oils.  They brighten my day, clear my head, and soothe my skin.  I freely admit that Lavender is not my most favorite scent. It is, however, loved by many. Perhaps lavender is best when combined with other essential oils to create a more complex aroma. I have added it to earthy oils such as cedarwood and fir balsam, to other herb and spice oils such as peppermint and clove and to citrus oils such as bergamot, all with great success.

Lavender is truly one of nature’s greatest bounties. It has many properties that heal and uplift. It soothes the skin (of humans and animals), relieves aches, clears sinuses, reduces nausea and calms the nerves. It also increases blood circulation and aids in digestion. It is recommended for insomnia, for balancing hormones and increasing immunity to diseases. Of all the essential oils it is truly the most universal. The recorded uses of lavender date back over 2,500 years. Known as nard in the ancient Middle East, it is mentioned in Song of Solomon (4, 14). The Romans added it to their bath water, thus the name lavender from the Latin lavanda (things to be washed). Lavender was used throughout the Middle East and the Mediterranean when the Romans introduced it to northern Europe and Great Britain. It was used in Medieval and Renaissance Europe as a disinfectant and deodorant. Lavender is believed to have been introduced to North America by the Shakers, a strict religious sect, credited with the commercialization of lavender-based products in Great Britain.  Today, lavender is grown commercially in France, Spain, Italy, England, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the United States. The hardiest lavenders are the English Lavenders (L. angustifolia) and Lavandins (L.x intermedia). Lavender oil is made by steam distillation using the flowers of the plant. I use lavender oil in soaps. Lavender Mint makes for a crisp refreshing bath. I also use it as a candle scent and as an all-natural deodorant.  Combined with other essential oils, it makes a great Chest Rub which gives relief from cold and sinus symptoms  Lavender is great for stress relief and I put a few drops on a cloth, which I them put over my face and breath deeply. Soon, I feel relaxed and begin to drift away. The uses for lavender are, in fact, endless.